Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark


A new life-long membership to the video store down the street has been off to a dangerous start, it's no surprise I waited so long to even walk in. The minimal lax time spent reading fiction has been temporarily replaced with more visual stimulus, because I can't really escape images. It's all research anyway. Knowing how lame it is to just rent two movies I've already seen, I walked away with the highly recommended, Wait Until Dark—though I didn't need much of the praise for the cast or the synopsis, the cover already sold me. 

This isn't a review of the movie or anything, it would take too much time and effort, nor do I care to do so, I mostly just need to make a brief snapshot of the tone down for reference…as much as I'm tempted to just make a bulleted list of THINGS and STUFF, I'll keep that for myself. But naturally, I internetted and found some rad posters of the movie and how they differed around the world in the hands of different artsits, many of which names appear to be separated from their work. The most extensive is naturally the American version, with many different sizes and modifications within the design system—all ranging between one sheets, six sheets and billboard-sized twenty-four sheets.



German, Bruno Rehak


French, 1968







The American promotional materials associated with this film are pretty great…a strong sans which looks like a modded letraset of Compacta Black (still tbd though) and pops of orange and fuchsia for the period…ugh, love it, especially since the colors in the actual movie are pretty muted. But stupidly enough, this was the first time I've actually paid attention to the lobby card, which I found while searching for more photos of Wait Until Dark, pictured below. The lobby cards were used as another promotional print product similar to that of the poster, just on a thin board rather than thin paper that wrinkles—though it was still designed to be disposed of. These cards were often created in photographic sets of around 8 featuring various scenes in the movie, with basic film production info surrounding the image. Lobby cards deserve their own post alone, but you can look at some of the other cards used for the movie, here. 

It's always interesting to see various interpretations of the same thing, especially on an international level and for highly visible forms of entertainment like books and movies. They're never really over when they become a success, because they'll always be reprinted or remade both within and outside of the country of origin. Most of the posters could be the same movie, using similar themes, but like…I'm still trying to get w/the Czech and German perspective, though the type is cool (Alan Arkin looking Norman Bates as fuck). Very much into the Danish poster because they probably had fun with that one too.


Wait Until Dark Mini mood board thing to remember the mooood.

Interview magazine, June 1990.

Interview magazine, June 1990.

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